Cement Foundation Repair & Polyjacking in Lawrence, KS

When your home begins to sink due to cracks in your foundation, Windler Foundation Repair Systems provides you with services to help re-level your concrete foundation through the process of polyjacking. Our team can help restore your concrete foundation and provide you with a level surface. Our professional technicians will arrive at your home to help provide you with a free consultation and estimate for you to know if polyjacking is right for you.

Symptoms Of Concrete Problems

Cracked Driveway
Sinking Steps/Sidewalks
Uneven Slabs
Pooling Water

Our Concrete Leveling Process

Polyjacking is a method used for concrete repair to level and/or raise sunken concrete. We inject a high-density foam into small holes drilled into the concrete, which will expand to lift the concrete slab to its desired position. With the advent of more reliable, advanced technologies, concrete leveling solutions are becoming increasingly effective. Our leveling process uses a polymer-based foam to raise and level slabs that have settled over time or been damaged. The fast and relatively easy application means we can work quickly with minimal interruption to your property.

Polyjacking vs Traditional Methods

Our polyjacking method also provides a stronger and longer-lasting product than comparably outdated methods like slab jacking (aka mudjacking) or full replacement of the concrete.

Thanks to our technology you can rest assured that when it comes to sunken concrete issues, you’ll only have to take care of the problem once!

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