Piering Designed By The Mid-West, For The Mid-West

The integrity of your home is only as strong as its foundation. A compromised foundation can result in shifting, cracking, and even complete collapse. That's why it's crucial to entrust the repair or installation of your home's foundation to experts who possess the knowledge and experience necessary to restore its strength and stability.

At Windler Foundation Repair, we specialize in providing top-notch foundation repair services that ensure the long-term stability of your home. Our pier applications are not only designed to last, but also come with a 20-year Lifetime Warranty. With our team of seasoned professionals, you can rest easy knowing that your home is in good hands.

The Competition

There are two commonly known ways to repair residential foundation: concrete piers and steel piers. Concrete piers are commonly poured or drilled into the ground underneath your home to lift your home from the ground and stabilize it. However, this form of foundation commonly fails due to not being deep enough and limits its ability to level the structure. Steel piers, on the other hand, can either be driven in around the perimeter or underneath the center of the foundation.

If your foundation has steel piers that aren't solid, then it will allow water to follow the pipe to the depth of the pier. This can change the soils psf or soften shale over time changing the psi of the piers resistance, allowing the home's foundation to shift again and fail.

Your Home Shouldn't "Settle" And Neither Should You

We’ve got your back! Our experts will do a comprehensive inspection of your property, leaving no room for surprises for the future.

Foundation Repair That Lasts

Our piering systems is a solid system. It consists of metal piping filled with a 10,000 psi hydraulic cement which expands in the metal pipe. Our system is installed under the center of the foundation wall with no removing or breaking of the foundation footing. Our head assembly, in which the house sits on, is 100% metal assembly welded solid. The legs and arms are also filled with 10,000 psi hydraulic cement, same as the piers segments. 

This system was designed here in the Midwest in Kansas City. It eliminates the flaws of the other styles of systems as well as systems that are similar to ours. Our system is large enough to support any home, but small enough to push through false shale ridges and hard clay.